Karaoke Thursdays – Trailside Ridgeway, Fort Erie

On September 13, 2017

Trailside Bar and Grill Karaoke Thursdays - Ridgeway, Fort Erie

Karaoke Thursdays – Trailside Ridgeway, Fort Erie … “She has the voice of an angel” they say. “He makes the Gods weep” they pronounce. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry. Think you sound good in the car? You know you do. Then it’s time to take your next step on the road to riches and glory.

Unleash your inner karaoke angel and amaze Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, Stevensville, Port Colborne and Fort Erie with yet another one of your many hidden talents.  It’s time to step out of the shower and onto the big stage (okay little stage … okay so we don’t have an actual stage at all but it’s the thought that counts). What’s it going to be – Patsy Cline, AC/DC? How about a moonlight serenade? It doesn’t matter – whatever works best for you. The main thing is to come out, strut your stuff, and have some fun. Are you feeling the need to sing it loud? Maybe a little something something for that guy or girl in the booth in the back in the corner in the dark? Whether you like to sing, or just sit back and play music critic it’s a lot of fun all the same.

$5 TGIT Martinis & ‘Appy Hour’ 2 For 1 Apps at 8pm

Karaoke at 10pm


Karaoke Thursdays – Trailside Ridgeway, Fort Erie … Don’t worry, we won’t be posting anything on You Tube – ’cause whatever happens at Trailside stays at Trailside. Take part or just sit back and enjoy a night out with friends old and new.  Karaoke – just one more reason to start your weekend early – courtesy of your peeps here at Trailside.


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Trailside Bar and Grill Karaoke Thursdays - Ridgeway, Fort ErieTrailside Bar and Grill Karaoke – Ridgeway, Fort Erie … Karaoke Thursday at Trailside Bar and Grill – tonight from 10pm til 1am. 282 Ridge Rd.N., Ridgeway Ont (Fort Erie). Oh,and don’t be shy about ‘Liking’ us at www.facebook.com/TrailsideBarAndGrill. We’re located just minutes north of Crystal Beach, south of Stevensville, east of Port Colborne, and west of Fort Erie.


Ridgeway Restaurants … The hottest sports bar in Fort Erie / Ridgeway. Catch the game, relax on the licensed patio, show off your talents at the pool table, try on some karaoke for size, and check out what we’ve done with the place – so far. 

Trailside Bar And Grill, 282 Ridge Rd.N., Ridgeway Ont., L0S 1N0 – www.Trailside BarAndGrill.ca.


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