Live Bands at Trailside Ridgeway – The Wylde – June 24

On June 18, 2017

The Wylde Band - Trailside Ridgeway

Live Bands – Fort Erie Ont – Trailside Ridgeway Presents The Wylde Band (formerly Savvy) – June 24 … The latest creation of lead singer Krysta Leblanc, The Wylde is a cover band comprised of four of the regions hottest performers playing Platinum Top 40 hits from the 70’s up to last week.

From Rock to Pop, Dance to Disco, Alternative to Hip Hop, this professional band knows just how to electrify all the gawkers, talkers, dancers and prancers wherever they play. Their seductive and electrifying performance keeps the girls and boys on the dance floor singing along mesmerized and enamored by their rock n’ roll style. Making boys drool and girls rule!


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Live Bands – Fort Erie Ont – Trailside Ridgeway Presents The Wylde … A night with The Wylde is a night that  knows no musical boundaries. From songs like Time Warp to Love Shack to Santeria, and artists from AC/DC to Billy Idol to Pink – The Wylde will keep you guessing, keep you dancing, and keep you grooving.


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Live Bands In Ridgeway Ont … Where to find us? We’re at 282 Ridge Rd.N., Downtown Ridgeway Ont – just a few minutes away from Crystal Beach, Fort Erie, Stevensville, Sherkston, Port Colborne, and a short tightrope walk across the lake from Buffalo.

Restaurants In Ridgeway Ont … Fort Erie’s hottest sports bar. Catch the game, relax on the licensed patio, show off your talents at the pool table, and check out what we’ve done with the place – so far. You’ll find our menu posted at the top of this page.


Must be 19 years of age or older to attend. Please drink responsibly.


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